Council on Social Responsibility


The Council on Social Responsibilty aims to understand and analyse a range of social, political, economic and constitutional issues. It attempts to consider these issues with theological insight and to provide realistic and practical recommendations for action.

The Council operates through Southern and Northern Executives but there are areas of work which both continue to be involved in addressing together.

Accountability Structure

Details of the Accountability Structure of the Council on Social Responsibility, the Northern and Southern Executives and Task and Finish Working Party Groups.

Social Responsibilty Sunday 2021

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Statement on Election Concerns 33rd Dáil Saturday 8th February 2020 

Statement on Brexit

Local May Elections 2019

Abortion - 2018 statement on the Eighth Amendment Referendum

NIO Consultation on the Proposed Legacy Structure 

Domestic Violence 

A Response to Report on Domestic Abuse

Reflections on Migration

Abortion - response to the Carlow and Kilkenny  memorial which went to Conference 2015

Pastoral Responses regarding those of Homosexual Orientation
(adopted by the Methodist Conference of 2011)

Environmental Policy (June 2011)

Funding Sources for Methodist Church in Ireland

Theological Reflections on Gambling and the National Lottery

Poverty and Deprivation

Physician Assisted Suicide

Statement on the proposed Abortion Legislation - December 2012

Oral Submission to the Joint Oireachtas Hearing on Abortion  - January 2013
This presentation was approved by the Council on Social Responsibility, Secretary of Conference and President of the Methodist Church in Ireland

Pornography - the Uninvited Guest


Ethical Remembering - Commemoration in a New Context
Rev Dr Johnston McMaster (June 2011)


Submission on Gambling (June 2011)
Submission on Alcohol - Minimum Pricing of Alcohol (June 2011)
MCI abortion consulation (Dec 19)
MCI Gambling Consultation Response
Same Sex Religious Marriage Consultation MCI response


External Reports

The Lies We Tell Ourselves: ending comfortable myths about poverty. A report from the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Methodist Church, the Church of Scotland and the United Reformed Church

Truth and Lies about Poverty: Infographics


Peace and Reconciliation

Address by President and Lay Leader of the Methodist Church in Ireland Concerning the 'Decade of Commemoration, 2012-2022' in Ireland. Our Call to be a Covenant People of Memory and Hope, President and Lay Leader (St.Patrick's Day 2012)

Healing the Hurts Liturgy - a special Service which could be used in a wide range of settings where a group of people - a congregation - a community - are seeking to recognise their hurts, and bring understanding, forgiveness and healing.

Healing the Hurts Bible Studies - Produced to encourage and resource those in our churches who would like to consider the issues associated with healing the hurts of the past a special series of Bible Studies has been prepared by Rev Dr Johnston McMaster and published by the Council on Social Responsibility.