President & Lay Leader



The President (2019/20) is Rev. Sam McGuffin

Rev. Sam McGuffin's weekly schedule will be posted here, you can keep up to date with his plans week on week, we encourage you to keep him in your prayers during his time in office.  You can also follow him on  facebook and twitter.

"And the end – the outcome we are looking for - is that every Methodist in every Methodist Church across the Connexion is living close to the Lord is prioritizing the Lord’s will and is patiently working hard in the Lord. God is our Adventure."


Lay Leader

Lynda Neilands was elected in 2017 to serve as Lay Leader of the Conference for the period 2018-20. 

"It is such a joy to be part of the Methodist family. My faith has been formed and nurtured within it and I have learnt from the many great examples of discipleship I have encountered along the way. I feel enormously privileged to be stepping into the role of Lay leader. My hope would be to encourage folk to walk with God and to share that walk with others in the days ahead."

You can contact Lynda via email.