Prayer Focus 2020/21

Prayer Focus is a prayer journal for the Methodist Church in Ireland.

For almost two decades, Methodists across the island have been using Prayer Focus daily to pray for all aspects of the Methodist Church in Ireland: local churches, local communities, the Methodist Church in other parts of the world, our partners overseas, departments and committees of the Church, our schools and chaplains, pioneer mission projects and more. Prayer Focus provides not only the information needed for focused and informed prayer but also contains prayers that can be used in prayer groups and public worship.

As the Methodist Church in Ireland, God is consistently asking us to pray. This is all the more important in 2020/21, a year that will without doubt hold a deep significance for us as a Connexion. When this journal went to print, there was no way of knowing for sure what Church life would look like in three months, six months or even a year down the line. We have tried in our prayers to balance difficulty and uncertainty with the unchanging nature of God, and our continuing hopeful and creative participation in God’s mission, in whatever circumstances we find ourselves.

  • Use this journal daily for personal prayer.
  • Pray through it with other church members.
  • Let it guide your intercessory prayers when you gather for worship.
  • Listen to what God has to say to us as the Methodist Church in Ireland as you pray.


Click here to view and download the full Prayer Focus 2020/21