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Your views and needs are important to us. And we want to help you to make contact with the person or people who can assist you best. We hope that the following list of contacts can be of service to you in communicating with the Methodist Church in Ireland.

Official Correspondence

Official correspondence should be directed to the Secretary of Conference (Rev Dr Heather Morris):

9 Lennoxvale,
Co. Antrim,


Edgehill House Tel: 028 9076 7969

General enquiries

If you have a general enquiry about the Methodist Church in Ireland today, or if you can't find the specific person you're looking for, please contact

Edgehill House Tel: 028 9076 7969

This website

If you have any comments or queries regarding this website, or if your Methodist congregation/group would like an URL and email address, please email

Microsoft 365

For information and support relating to the MCI Connexional Microsoft 365 System please email

Specific enquiries

If you are looking for a particular person, congregation or department, please view these links for their contact details:

Methodist Historical Society of Ireland

If you are interested in archives, genealogy and other aspects of Irish Methodist history, the Archivist of the Methodist Historical Society may be able to help.
Rev. Robin P Roddie
Address: MHSI, Edgehill House, 9 Lennoxvale, Belfast, BT9 5BY

Edgehill House Tel: 028 9076 7969

Charity Registration Numbers: 

North - XN69890 / South - 253