The Methodist Newsletter

The Methodist Newsletter is a magazine, produced monthly (apart from August) by the Methodist Publishing Company Ltd.  It is an independent journal but tries to reflect a broad range of views from across the Methodist Church in Ireland.

Senior Editor: Rev Dr Peter Mercer

Editor: Dr Lindsay Easson

Editor: Gillian McDade

Circulation Manager: Nigel Ewing


Directors and Management Committee

Amy Anderson

Rev Desmond Bain (Chair)

Don Black

Dr Linday Easson

Nigel Ewing

Laura Kerr

Gillian McDade

Rev Dr Peter Mercer


The Methodist Newsletter is available in all Methodist Churches in Ireland and costs are as follows:

Single Copy £1.30/€1.50

Annual Subscription £13.00/€15.00

Annual Subscription Posted UK £27.00, R of I €43.00, Europe £57.00 and  Overseas £68.00

Annual subscription PDF copy by email (Worldwide) £13.00/€15.00 - contact Nigel Ewing 07591 010874


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