Dear Friends, 

This time brings challenges to us all. We continue to pray for all affected by the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19), particularly for those who are ill and grieving the loss of loved ones, our front-line health care workers, leaders in government and the Health Services and for businesses at this time. As a Church, we want to turn to God in this unique time. We can take courage in the fact that we can be socially distanced and still worship together, we can be socially distanced and stay active in God’s mission, we can be socially distanced and yet live fully as disciples. We can be encouraged that as lockdown eases, ministry and life continues. This season invites us to pause as local churches, to hear God's voice, reaffirm who we are and rebuild church life as we join in God's mission.
Below you will find guidance issued by the Secretary of Conference on what it will look like to be the Methodist Church at this time.

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They are there to encourage and equip us as church family for this present time and for what lies ahead.

Unlearning: Preparing for Church and Mission in the transition from online to onsite

Seminar by Methodist Home Mission Ireland

Face Coverings in Churches 

Reopening Church

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Pack includes:

  • Getting our Churches and Buildings Ready to Reopen
  • Return to Church Risk Assessment
  • Methodist Insurance Update

Click here to download Return to Church Risk Assessment in Excel Format

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Statements Archive

Statement from Secretary of Conference, Rev Dr Heather Morris 18th June 2020 - Welcoming Indiciative Date for Reopening of Churches

Joint Statement 18th May 2020 - Covid-19 Recovery Pathway: Church Leaders Welcome Cautious & Considered Approach