President & Lay Leader


The President (2015/16) is Rev Brian Anderson, Minister Wesley Centenary Methodist Church, Bangor, Co Down

Throughout his ministry he has had an eye for those who feel themselves to be on the margins of church and society. His experience with families who had lost children to suicide led him and others to establish Horizons Lisburn, a suicide support group, whilst he was also a co-founder of Damask Community Outreach, a community development project associated with Seymour Street Methodist church. He also has a global perspective, having led groups on mission trips to Africa to gain understanding and offer help.

Brian has always enjoyed sport, being a keen golfer, runner and skier. He is also a big fan of Liverpool FC (like all the best people) and in days of playing at Edgehill Theological College he was compared with the great Jan Molby… in terms of girth if not ability. In one famous occasion at a ministers’ retreat he struck the ball so hard that he broke the arm of the Rev Alan Lorimer who tried to save it.

Family is central to Brian’s life, and he is keen to emphasise to colleagues and congregations that he takes seriously the three sets of vows he has made, first in his marriage, second in his children’s baptisms and finally in his ordination.

Brian has a blog on this site. You can also follow him on  facebook and twitter.

Download a copy of Rev Anderson's Inaugural Address to Conference 2015.

Lay Leader

Kenneth Twyble was elected in 2012 to serve as Lay Leader of the Conference for the period 2013-16. He is a Local Preacher and serves as Lay Assistant on the Charlemont and Cranagill Circuit. A retired teacher, he remains influential in the development of educational policy in Northern Ireland. Ken has a lifelong interest in, and service to, Boys’ Brigade. An Ulster Unionist Councillor for the Central Ward on Craigavon Borough Council, he has been Mayor of Craigavon on two occasions.