WFM&UCW Unit Ireland

Membership- Any woman who is a member of an officially recognized group holding membership with the World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women (WFM&UCW)
e.g. Methodist Women in Ireland (MWI), is automatically a member.

The unit committee meets three times each year to consider issues of concern and adopt programmes of action. It comprises of one representative from each of the districts, the General Officers of MWI, the Helen Kim Scholar and Senior Friends of WF. (Download WF Brochure for Unit Ireland)

Unit Officers

Unit President: Charlotte Maye Email:
Correspondent: Sandra Dickson Email:
Unit Treasurer: Phyllis Watters  Email:
Helen Kim Memorial Scholar:  Rachel Fallows Email:

Area Officers 2011-16

Area President: Alison Judd Email:
Area Vice President: Maureen Young Email:

World Officers 2011-16

World President: Ann Connan  (Australia)
World Vice President: Regula Stotz  (Switzerland)
World Secretary: Carla Boyce-Smith  (Brazil)
World Treasurer: Leu Pupulu  (New Zealand)
President Emerita: Chita Milan  (Phillipines)