Singing the Faith Resources

Over the 30 years since Hymns & Psalms was produced by the Methodist Church in Britain, there has been a wealth of new material published elsewhere. Consequently, many churches have supplemented Hymns & Psalms with other hymn and song books. While these collections enrich worship, they sometimes tend towards a theological perspective not reflective of the breadth of Methodism. Furthermore, some are not widely representative of contemporary hymns, focusing largely on worship songs.

Singing the Faith bridges these gaps. It acknowledges the rich diversity of material published since 1983; it reflects the whole of the Methodist Church both in terms of theology and also in the variety of styles of worship; it is sensitive to Methodist heritage but also to the needs and practice of our contemporary fellowships.

The Singing the Faith collection contains 748 hymns and songs and 42 liturgical settings (e.g. of the Kyrie, the Sanctus and the Lord’s Prayer as well as material from the Taizé and Iona traditions). There are also 50 canticles and psalms. The canticles are the same as those in Hymns & Psalms. The psalms have been selected on the basis of their use within liturgy and the lectionary. The canticles and psalms are not set to music but contain suggestions for responsive reading.

For more information on Singing the Faith and for excellent resources visit the Singing The Faith Plus web site.