“So, neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow” I Cor. 3, v7

What is SEED?

•    It is an opportunity to re-imagine what Methodism could be in the 21st Century
•    It seeks something new and is borne out of a yearning for ‘more’ of God, of community and involvement in his mission
•    It is rooted in Methodism
•    It is part of the Methodist Church in Ireland
•    It seeks to nurture contemporary living of faith
•    It wishes to foster a sense of ‘togetherness’ where there is genuine support and challenge
•    It has mission at the heart of its purpose in order to bless the world
•    It is where, together, there is learning of new things, wrestling with faith and growing in Christ
•    It is a blessing to the Methodist Church in Ireland

Who’s it for?

•    Anyone of 18+ years who wishes to engage
•    People of different backgrounds, emphases and perspectives and at different points in their faith journey

How is it structured?

•    Larger gatherings for teaching, worship, prayer and discussion
•    Option to be part of some form of smaller regular accountability group if useful
•    Other peripheral activities when useful

What is its style?

•    Informal, participatory and enjoyable
•    Lay-led
•    Allows space for God’s Holy Spirit to work
•    Free to evolve and ‘try’ things
•    Inclusive
•    Outward looking

1. SEED started as six teaching and worship sessions and a 48-hour time of prayer. The teaching focused upon six aspects of early Methodism. From these, the principles for the future of SEED (see above) were identified by the group. This six session programme can be repeated and may be helpful in different locations and contexts.

2. SEED has lay leaders with a council of reference: Rev Dr Heather Morris, Rev Dr Brian Fletcher.

Monthly meetings

All are on Sundays from 7:00 to 9:00 pm in Belfast Central Mission.
They largely comprise worship, teaching and discussion.

17th February – “Re-imagining Methodism for the 21st Century”, Rev Dr Heather Morris
24th March - tbc
28th April - tbc
26th May - tbc
23rd June – tbc

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