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The Methodist Church in Ireland is committed to the wellbeing of the children and young people among them and to that end in 1995 put together the first Child Protection Policy called ‘Keep Them Safe.’ This document was used by the other churches as they sought to develop their policies. In 2004, in conjunction with the Presbyterian Board of Social Witness, an updated and expanded policy was put in place called, ‘Taking Care’. This is the document on which our child protection policies are based.

The current Code of Practice for AccessNI can be found here.

IMYC offers training in Child Protection for volunteer leaders, provides resourcesfrom the full policy document to cards for children and leaders, posters and processes vetting through the National Vetting Bureau and Access NI. Each session will last a minimum of 2 hours and attendees must be present for the duration. 

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Full Manual

Sample child protection policy 


Application Process

Leaders helpers application NI

Leaders helpers registration NI

Leaders helpers application ROI

Leaders helpers registration ROI

Reference Request Form

Gardai application process


Consent forms

Parental consent forms colour

Parental consent forms grayscale

Consent form for special outings

Residential outing form


Incident forms

Accident/ incident

Acknowledge of report of concern about a child

Record of meeting form

Report of concern about a child

ROI welfare concern form


Safe practices

Anti-bullying policy

Code of conduct form

Common protocol 

Computer contract form

Registration of designated person

Appointment of designated person factsheet

Process for electronic applications access NI

Internet information factsheet 

Personal care log

Personal care plan

Child protection policy review factsheet

Leaders and helpers register annual update form 

Complete leaders and helpers register form

Children and young people risk assessment 

Safe practices checklist

Sexting and the law

Sign in sheet

Security policy

Ex-offenders policy 

Regulated activity guidance 


To find information and resources on safeguarding, please click the following link to the IMYC website