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In Portadown

In Portadown with some worthies last night (Sunday 19 April)

Had a great day yesterday (Sunday 19 April)...Cavehill's 68th Anniversary in the morning, Christian Aid's 70th Anniversary in St Anne's Cathedral, Belfast, in the afternoon, and Epworth, Portadown in the evening. Lazy day today to recover before flight to Cape Town tomorrow for a Community Transformation consultation over the next week.

Saturday (28 March) night at the 10th Sligo GB Display...their 25th Anniversary. I'm with Joan Moffitt who has been their Captain all that time and done an amazing job evidenced by a very happy group of girls and young women.
Congratulations Joan and 10th Sligo GB.

Chatting yesterday with Alderman Andrew Ewing, Mayor of Lisburn, on a visit to the city.

Visiting The Hub counselling service in Ballynahinch with Rev Ross Harte on Monday 9 March. They do a fantastic job.

Help! Questions for me on the Panel at Soul Mates on Saturday 8 March ...'Tell us about something really disgusting that happened to you.' and...'Why does God allow bad things to happen if he is love?' Hard questions but a really great gathering with around 300, 9-13 year olds. Thanks to everyone involved. I am so proud to be your President!

Apologies for not posting for such a long while. Haiti was a very worthwhile trip but took some adjusting after. Here's me on the morning of 6 March with Dr Sergei Mudrov from Belarus who came to L'derry to meet and talk about church - state relationships as part of his research prog.

Haiti Visit

There were more like 200 children at the Team's Childrens' Club yestetday! I had a really good day today. Revs Laurence Graham, Ruth Watt and I spent the morning sharing with Rev Ralph Denizard, CS of the Carrefour Circuit, which is about 10 miles along the coast out of Port au Prince and 36 of the Local Preachers in his area, about Mission in Haiti and in Ireland. Two-way dialogue at its best. I spotted a lovely tribute to the late Rev Ormonde McConnell in this church.

Haiti Visit

Fantastic Covenant Services today where our Team shared in preaching and singing. They are currently leading a Sunday afternoon children's club in Petionville, just outside Port au Prince, for about 150 children and young people. They plan to do craft activities. Jesus was there in more ways than one...see photo!

George has arrived in the Methodist compound in Port au Prince. Here he is emerging from his cocoon with Melanie, his minder. Its a beautiful day!