President's Blog

I have had a very busy and eventful week (ending 26 September). Combination of media on behalf of the 4 church leaders, funerals of two remarkable methodist ministers widows, national ploughing championships and official visits.

Prayer for Peace

If anyone is in Belfast in the next 12 hours and you have some free time call in at the Redeemer Central church Donegal street and participate in the prayer for peace organised by Christian Aid

The refugee crisis rightly is dominating our thinking and praying , " how are we as Christians to react. A very helpful booklet has been produced by the Bible Society called " ON THE ROAD, A journey through the bible from migrants". I would recommend it highly for sermons and bible studies. My starting point is " how do we open doors rather than build walls ? Look at Numbers 20: 14-21 and you will think it is a section of your newspaper

Coleraine Methodist Church

Picture from the refurbished halls in Coleraine Methodist Church. Their dream is to reach those who are not connected with the church. Excellent

Hey - enjoyed lunch with the new TOM team (16 September)  - think they are going to be a good team travelling and in Richill- Jenni, Naomi, Bethany, Leanne, Matt and their leader Steven — with

Grateful to have shared in the installation of the New All Ireland President of MWI, Mrs Linda McGuffin on Saturday 12 Sep. She will give a good lead under the theme " God is able "

Meeting Archbishop Elias Chacour

Privileged to spend time with Archbishop Elias Chacour - a true peacemaker - the trip was worth it just to listen to him

Thanks to all the congregation of East Belfast Mission for a lovely welcome and for their generous response in buying the paper necklaces we brought back from Rwanda - your kindness will put children through school - great to share the alien message and tell the work of Leoni family - God bless

Worldwide missionary convention rally at the waterfront tonight (Sat 29 )- inspired by the work in China, in the Middle East - what servant of God is Maud Kells. praise from New Irish was brilliant - Prof John Lennox charged us to see the link between Word of God and growth in discipleship and evangelism - what holds us back is fear and the only way to overcome that fear is to dwell in the word

Kanyatta National Hospital staff and patients

Today we visited the Kenyatta national hospital. These are of the children's cancer and disability wards