President's Blog

George ( front left) is my new Methodist hero - at the young age of 92, he helps with work in the container ministry. He had the great idea of protecting the computers in boxes with knitted vests, hats and blankets, which then are givens to new mums in Africa - never waste a space - inspired by humble service - go George

Really great two days at Junior Ministers Conference, really excellent teaching from 3DM, special moments praying for the church in Monaghan( location of the event) and for each other. They prayed for the President, a personal highlight. These are Christ-like men and women who serve the Methodist Church in Ireland passionately - our future is bright in their hands ,

Sunday night Youth of The Churches of Donegal Town indulge the President

The words of the Archbishop of Canterbury on Sunday at the Corrymeela celebration. Taken from the story of the woman at the well, his Grace the Archbishop, highlighted that the Welcome of hospitality ( water) is taken on by Jesus to the Welcome of reconciliation ( we Samaritans) - a challenge for Northern Ireland.

Celebrating the Contribution that Corrymeela Community has made to living life well in N I over 50 years

Richill Methodist Church

Thrilling morning with Richill Methodist Church. They have an understanding of how a church should be and I do believe their approach would be very useful for our wider church to learn from. Some of these are

Desire to understand scripture in a modern day context

Commitment to be a church at prayer

Commitment to be evangelical in creative and imaginative ways

Desire to make a contribution to the Richill community - to seek build genuine relationships

Autumn Soul 2015

Autumn soul 20'continues in the God tradition of revealing more of the opportunities of following Jesus to Methodist young people and others. And your question for the big ask revealed an astounding level of Spiritual maturity. Loved being with you yesterday, thanks to David and the team, and Wendy we will miss you

At the Irish Inter church meeting- thinking around " the missional challenge in a rights Based society." This evening Sr Joan Roddy spoke about " The Migrant Journey in Ireland" in a most gentle yet profound way. What struck me was

No one puts their child in a boat unless it is safer than the land.

Of the 60 million people displaced in the world.

Congratulation to Timothy Vaughan, Nikki Hanna, Katy Broadhurst, Michael Anderson- 4 young adults shaped by Methodism with a passion for God and young people