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This Dr Paul Manook from the Armenian community who arranged for Khachkar ( Cross Stone) to be dedicated yesterday at Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin. It was to remember the 1.5 million Armenians who lost lives in the 1915 Genoicide. I was privileged to represent the Methodist people and unveil the beautiful work of art, designed to acknowledge our two nations. The Khachkar is the universal symbol of remembrance for the Armenian people. blessed

The theme at the Switching on of the Stormont Christmas tree lights was welcome. Speaker Mitchell McLaughlin said " whether you choose to come to NI or are sent, you are welcome" Justin Kouame from NI community of refugees and Asylum seekers thanked all for their welcome to foreigners who want to make NI their home.. Sing For Lifechoir, made up of those affected by cancer, sang the song "Falling Down" which included these lines

To those who want to extend the Air Strikes to include Syria, the language of moderation can appear to be "weak" in the light of the catalogue of atrocities carried out globably by ISIS and in Syria by the forces of the Bashar al-Assad regime .

I would encourage all to take the time to read this joint statement from British Churches and be prayerful for our MPs today particularly.…/

A picture montage of my week with Portadown District. See more pics on my Facebook page.

Lovely friendly evening with folks of Gorey Methodist Church - faithful people with servant hearts

Some have shared this clip already on social media. It maybe strange to us that a media organisations would be concerned that those of other faiths or no faith, would be offended by this generous prayer.

It is another example of the "strange land" we are to be holy aliens in.

Yesterday was international suicide survivors day. When a suicide happens in a family, community, school or within a peer group a whole selection of people have to try and survive that tragic loss of life.

Thank God for groups who walk alongside them, giving brilliant appropriate support.

Maybe in our prayers of intercessions today we could remember this group of people asking God to minister His grace to all touched by the horror of suicide.

Barry has not lost any of his insightful wisdom and good humour - delighted to introduce him at the book launch of "when the saints go marching in"