President's Blog

o comment on our remembering in 2016 of historical events from a century ago, I issued this statement.

This year we will celebrate the centenary of two iconic and historical events which shaped the two parts of this island - the 1916 Rising and the Battle of the Somme.

This is Holly- she and a few other young people served and helped in many ways at the Tea in Ballynahinch for 1 % appeal. Well done to Holly and the team - joy to be around

Yesterday I dropped into Dublin Central MIssion for a chat with mission director GRaham, what a man of faith and commitment to the people of Dublin and DCM. He said " I may never get financial rich but I am richer in the best way possible, I see changed lives" TO continue the theme, MCI is the richer for people like GRaham who bring the Kingdom of God to the people mentioned in LUke 4 - and he is so unassuming.

I was blessed to be in his company .

Yesterday I was reading Job chapter 31, the verses were he exclaims, in effect, what have I done to deserve this" am I guilty of lust, have I told lies,have I denied justice, been unkind to employees, have I not been good to the poor, have I put my trust in wealth or celebrity, not cared for the stranger. He can say no to all these.

Yesterday we were at Sydenham, an opportunity for Lesley to catch up with childhood friends, and to share worship with my good friend Robin, and then my sister in law Diana was playing the organ

There was much to be thankful to God for, a mix of generations there for worship , a community of faith committed to their local community -

A sense of a church that was there more for others than themselves