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#‎rethinkchurch‬. My favourite spot in the world I know. Many times I gave walked thinking and remembering

Photo evidence of the Palatine Methodist Heritage in Adare and Ballingrane Methodist churches.

They should be proud of the contribution the circuit make to the communities around the churches. Challenges to the church going communities are real, but I sense a willingness to engage with OMGM.

Last night the People of God from Adare and Ballygrane, gathered together to acknowledge the gift of Rev Bill Omsted and to listen to the President. A small community of faith who draw strength from each other

This morning with the Youghal congregations

#‎rethinkchurch‬ word today is listen. On a long car journey yesterday I listened to Sport, a chapter of a book by Chris Wright and finished the drive with a trip down memory lane with this Dire Straits album

These are words from Henri Nouwen from "a reflection of the Christian Life".

I offer it because mission i believe is the canvas onto everything the church does should be painted. It is our fundamental, our very reason for being. Nouwen gives expression of a style of mission, this is not a programme but away of being Missional Disciples.

Today starts in London and ends in Youghal/ trains planes and automobiles


Lent daily word - world - todays picture represents one WORLD view - the way of capitalism, not sure it produces contentment. ‪#‎rethinkchurch‬