A Young People Wet Feet Story

21 March 2014

Here is a great "wet feet" story. I am grateful to Michael Anderson who told me about it. Michael writes..

"I was speaking at the Seymour street SNASS (youth) weekend. We talked about being missional and taking small steps to advance Gods kingdom. We looked at small ways to care for the environment, to help friends in school, ways to be fair as part of sporting teams. I discovered that not many of the young people had heard of the term Wet Feet. We discussed this at length on Saturday night and talked about how the young people can take risks to show people who Jesus is. On Sunday morning we went to the beach, and invited the young people to be prayed for as they go into their daily lives looking for opportunities to take risks and get their feet wet. We literally asked them to take their socks and shoes off and step into the water where 4 leaders plus myself stood and said a short prayer over them individually. The sight of 95% of the group stepping into the water was incredible. "

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