Well wishes for new President from Rev. Brian Anderson

15 June 2016

So my year as President finishes today. Thank you to so many people for your support during the year of Aliens in a strange land. Particularly to Lesley, Michael,Nicola and Colin who were a constant source of encouragement, laughter and help.
It has been a huge privilege to see Methodism serving Ireland in many many different ministries by lovely servant hearted Aliens. I have sought to take every opportunity to represent our church in as many forums as possible. It has been a wonderful opportunity and I am so grateful to God's Grace and Holy Spirit to make it all possibly and to Him be the glory.
And I want to wish Rev Bill God's wisdom, encouragement and strength as he is installed as our President tonight. He will lead us well, ably supported by Val.
I believe Methodism has a huge contribution to make to Ireland but we need to keep seeking God in all things and not assume to know His mind. 
The gospel is our constant but change is our challenge.
And so I leave you with these words:

God created you uniquely,
Loves you unconditionally,
Forgives you unreservedly,
Calls you unpredictably,
Empowers you unbelievably,
Enfolds you unwaveringly.



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