Very Sad Day (22 March)

25 March 2016

Today was a very sad day. Driving to take part in funeral service of Adrian Ismay, listening to the radio tell the story of the mayhem and murder unfolding in Brussels. Then at Issi's funeral one could not but think that his death was needless. The to watch the TV screens picture 5 hearses bring a family home to loved ones.

Hopeless yet the bravery of Davitt Walsh, the courage of Issi's family, particularly his wife Sharon and the determination of the people of the battered city of Brussels, encourage us to keep going.

This week is shaping up to be one were the old phrase, it may be Friday but Sunday is a comin" needs to encourage us to keep going.

God bless


Praying for the McGrotty and Daniels families and the Ballymagroarty parish in Derry, as they gather together to say farewell to Ruth, Jodie Lee, Sean, Mark and Evan. Louise may you know the love of a nation.

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