Statement re Pastor McConnell remarks

26 May 2014

On Thursday night I was asked on Twitter if the Methodist Church had made any statement in the light of remarks made by Pastor McConnell. We had made a brief statement in response to a question from the Nolan Show and I promised to post it.  The statement is as follows:

"While The Methodist Church in Ireland along with other Christian churches would appeal for the removal of the death penalty on the young woman in Sudan who converted from Islam to Christianity, it would nevertheless never seek to denigrate or demonise all Muslims or their faith."

I have frequently spoken and written about the fact that if God loves all people, as we affirm that God does, then that fact must have a profound impact on the way God's followers live. The conversation this week challenges me. God loves our Muslim neighbours and God loves Pastor McConnell. How will I respond to those with whom I disagree, will I build relationships with all?  It is in the context of relationships that differences can be talked through and truth spoken with grace.  

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