Rev John Parkin Visit to Israel

26 April 2016

Today Rev JohnParkin travels to Yanoun, in the hill country of the West Bank in Israel. He goes for three months as part of the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel, known as EAPPI.

The programme places accompanists at places where the State of Israel Policies may bring Palestinians and Israelis together in tense, sometimes violent situations.

Yanoun is under pressure from aggressive settlers and governments policy of taking agricultural land away from Palestinians and making it Jewish settler land. John's role, with others, is to monitor this situation and try and reduce the level of settler violence and enable the people to cling onto their homes and way of life.

This work is very difficult as being a peacekeeper for both Israeli and Palestinian is regularly hugely complicated.

John reminded me that the Gospel message compels him to seek " let justice flow down like waters and righteousness as an ever flowing stream"

Also remember Liz at home in Dublin, who will be a busy as ever but I am sure praying, as we all will for John's safe return.

God bless you JOhn, go in the confidence of the prayers of the MEthodist CHurch in Ireland.

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