Reading Job Chapter 31

4 February 2016

Yesterday I was reading Job chapter 31, the verses were he exclaims, in effect, what have I done to deserve this" am I guilty of lust, have I told lies,have I denied justice, been unkind to employees, have I not been good to the poor, have I put my trust in wealth or celebrity, not cared for the stranger. He can say no to all these.

There is a mega battle going on alongside this micro situation( it wasn't micro to job etc) but I could not but be drawn to think of the pain and suffering going on all around the world in different countries, in different religions, in different communities. Were hatred, anger, desperation, sheer terror and fear rule so many lives. It is mega battles for territory, for religious victory and superiority, yet I can't take my eyes away from the innocent victims

Lord be with them.

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