Prayers for Whiteabbey

19 May 2014

I was sad  to hear the news of the fire at Whiteabbey Methodist. The Church is not the building, but buildings hold meaning and that building is well used in the life of its community. So this happening is very tough for the Methodist people in Whiteabbey and a lot of hard work lies ahead.

But that is not where I want to dwell, nor is it where the folk in Whiteabbey have been dwelling in their responses. Rev Pauline Lorimer was so balanced in her reactions yesterday, grace-filled, honest and not apportioning blame. The young peoples’ service went ahead as planned due to the kindness of the Presbyterian congregation in Whiteabbey. Laura Griffiths’ post on Facebook last night focuses on being thankful for the children who led the service, for messages of practical and prayerful support and mentioned that the congregation prayed for peace for those who had set the fire.

Grace, honesty and love; active concern for those who set the fire and for what led them to want to do it; thankfulness for the gifts of even challenging days; support across church families; all of these responses echo with God’s love and grace.

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