Poor Louis Suarez!

30 June 2014

Poor Louis Suarez! I'm not a Liverpool fan but I do feel some sympathy for him: 'tossed out like a dog' as his Uruguayan team mates are putting it. Such awful consequences for a moment of madness. It's not the first time, though. You would think that he'd have got help by now to stop him reverting to a biting reaction on the pitch when things get so fraught. Maybe he has got help and it hasn't helped enough! Mind you, while I have no time for FIFA, I think they did the right thing this time. He has to pay the price for his misdemeanours, fantastic footballer and all that he is, or else kids will be eating each other on the football pitch. There's enough damage done through fouls carried out with heads, elbows and studs without adding teeth to the list of permitted weapons!

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