My Visits to Sydenham and Bangor churches

21 January 2014

On Sunday 12 January I was in Sydenham Methodist in the morning and at a Circuit service with Bangor and Holywood in the evening. Both of these contexts were encouraging places to be, in both there was a sense of life and a desire to follow where God is leading.

Sydenham is our family’s home congregation and because I know it well I have been telling “wet feet” stories from Sydenham in many churches. For example for over a year now Sydenham have been serving coffee and tea on Friday mornings to folk getting the train into town from the local station and it was great to hear of conversations that have developed as a result of that.

The Bangor and Holywood circuit are in an exciting and challenging process of asking “how do we need to be organised in order that we might best partner with God in mission?” It takes courage and deep commitment to God to address that question and this circuit are doing that with grace.

It was a good day!

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