MY Visits to Doagh, Antrim and Ballymena

14 March 2014

The folk on the North East District are hosting me thIs week and every day is interesting and encouraging. Wednesday was spent with Ed on the Ballyclare circuit, starting with Assembly in the lovely Primary School in Doagh, then popping into the play group in Ballynure, lunch and a meeting with the Friendship Club in Ballyclare and then a Bible Study in Doagh at night followed by inspiring conversations over supper.

I managed to get a puncture on the Doagh Road at tea time so special thanks to Ed and to a kind stranger called Peter who changed the tyre for me and got me on my way again.

Yesterday was based around Antrim. Michael took me to the wonderful Virginia House refuge in Ballymena. I will be writing more about this soon. Then onto a counselling centre in Antrim who are doing great work, and then to a clergy fellowship.

Looking forward to being in Greenisland and Carrickfergus today.

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