My first few days ... and meeting the Queen

24 June 2014

Going to see someone by the same name as my wife, who is also very important, today at Hillsborough Castle. Then I'll be at the presentation of Youth Link certificates in Belfast this evening.

It's been an interesting past few days. My first engagement was in Manorhamilton last Thursday for their church's 50th Anniversary. A great night.

Farewell events over the weekend and last night for 2 colleagues: Revs Richard Bryant and Louise Donald. We're going to miss them!

My first wee meeting with church leaders was in Armagh yesterday morning. It's good to know that church leaders are really connected and very aware of current social and political as well as spiritual issues. Pray for us all. And that cathedral with the two spires is an awesome building! First time I've been up close to it.

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