Just Pray

22 November 2015


Some have shared this clip already on social media. It maybe strange to us that a media organisations would be concerned that those of other faiths or no faith, would be offended by this generous prayer.

It is another example of the "strange land" we are to be holy aliens in.

Hysteria is easy, either to be so offended that we throw the hands to the air crying out in horror or we call on a golden age when this wouldn't have happened.

But it is into this level, non privileged, playing field we live our faith and make the case for Christ.

The equal challenge is humbly to live out the prayer of respect, forgiveness, gratefulness and holiness.

So live out 1 Peter 3 15.. Through thick and thin, keep your hearts attention, in adoration before Christ , your Master. be ready to speak up and tell anyone who asks why you're living the way you are and always with the utmost courtesy.

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