Inspiring and Hop-filled Days

8 May 2014

One of the great things about this year is the variety which each day brings. It has been an inspiring and hope-filled 36 hours. Tuesday began with a visit to the Northern Ireland Hospice and the NI Children's Hospice, hosted by the chaplaincy team. It was inspiring to see even something of the work which staff and volunteers do - and to have the privilege of meeting some of the folk in Hospice.

After a meeting with Rev Roy Cooper, who is Press Officer for the Methodist Church and who has been a tremendous support and source of great ideas all year.

I went to the meeting in City Hall, hosted by PSNI on how we make a co-ordinated response to the racism and hate crime which is marring Belfast and it's people.

Yesterday morning I was with an inspiring group of young adults at "Connect", grappling together with some of the challenges we face.

Then to Dublin for Evensong at St Patricks Cathedral and a lovely meal with bishops before General Synod begins tomorrow.

Impressions at the end of these days? Thankfulness for God's people living faith in such a wide variety of contexts: grateful for honest conversations as we face challenges together: evidence of quiet confidence in God who leads; lots of laughter and a commemorative selfie or two !

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