Experiencing Special Music (14 Feb)

15 February 2016

Experienced special music today

Firstly in Antrim for their Anniversary service - Susi Hull sang Fleetwood Macs Songbird, which reminded me that any love song can be a worship song.

Methodist do somethings very well and one such is when they come together and have traditional hymns to sing, boy can they raise the roof. They did it again at the Celebration Service for Life of Rev John J Nelson at Campbell College. Wonderful minister, educator and family man

Finished the day in Dublin at a District service in Trinity Chapel, with the Chapel choir. Great to sing your heart out lead by beautiful voices / we don't do evening services very well, such a disappointing turn out. However we thought about the Hospitality of listening to others and the Hospitality of risky love.

I am certainly sung and rung out tonight

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