Experiences of Redundancy (20 Feb)

23 February 2016

I was born, raised and educated in East Belfast And I am always keen to keep in contact with the goings on in the area.

With others I have been alarmed and saddened at the recent news of the redundancies announced by Bombardier, and that their apprenticeship scheme will also cease. How many of my friends from school went to be apprentices in Shorts as it was then.

Having been made redundant in the past, I have some idea of how these employees will be feeling especially since none of them know if their names will be chosen. The thought of mortages and day to day living will become a challenge to many of them.

I would encourage the ministers in the Stormont Executive to do all in their power to provide re-training etc for those who will become casualties of this round of redundancies and to seek investment in Manufacturing sector of the N.I. Economy.

Please remember all effected in your prayers

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