Easter Message (24 March)

25 March 2016

One of the great joys of Easter is its message of Hope. This is something which Christians around the world instinctively understand.
They know that they are called to live their lives in such a way as to offer a glimpse of this Hope to those around them.
As Christian live in the light of the Resurrection they are challenged to contributes to communities based on respect,dignity, equality, justice and peace.

I with others have been deeply concerned with the death of homeless people being found dead in shop door ways both in Dublin and Belfast but in the face of such a challenge many Christians filled with this Resurrection Hope are endeavouring to bring that hope by walking the streets of our cities late at night to make sure the homeless are warm and have food.
Others offer this hope through working at Food Banks, giving free debt advice serving in shelters and in a host of
other ways.

But the resurrection of Jesus is also a personal story. It tells how Jesus has overcome this world and offers to each
person the hope of a fresh start in the company of a God who promises never to leave of forsake them

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