Desperate for God

20 February 2014

I posted last week about being with Urban Junction last Wednesday night. It was a great night but since then I have had a challenging conversation echoing in my mind, which I want to share.
Urban Junction has been going for about 13 years now and one person who was involved from the beginning spoke about how she used to come to meetings for Bible Study and prayer "desperate". They were utterly committed to missional discipleship, to dwelling in their communities and she knew she needed to be with others to pray, learn and listen for God to get her ready for the week ahead. She said that when things get comfortable we stop being desperate for God and she wanted to be desperate again.

Urban Junction are praying about where God is leading them next so that they might bless their community. It's exciting!

Let's be a church that is so committed to living our faith that we are desperate for worship and desperate for God

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