Dealing with ISIS - 2 December

3 December 2015

To those who want to extend the Air Strikes to include Syria, the language of moderation can appear to be "weak" in the light of the catalogue of atrocities carried out globably by ISIS and in Syria by the forces of the Bashar al-Assad regime .

However The Methodist Church remains to be convinced that British Air strikes in Syria would be the most effective way of dealing with either ISIS or the Assasd regime since such action could not only result in the death of innocent civilians, it would increase the refugee crisis and in the end will not have the desired result since ideologies cannot be bombed out of existence.

It appreciated that there will be a different views within the church on how to deal with the ISIS but after the vote in Westminster tonight let us pray for those who will be carrying out attacks, the innocent people in Syria and for the Global community as they must seek a conclusive way of dealing with ISIS.

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