Covenant and Choosing

14 January 2014

Throughout the month of January Irish Methodists are being asked to focus on the theme of “Covenant and Choosing”, in services each Sunday in the month and then in a “Night and Day” of prayer at the end of the month. Resources and information have been sent to every minister and are available on this web site.

The statement “Jesus is Lord” is not one which can or should slip easily off our lips; for to affirm that Jesus is Lord is to state that our allegiance to God is first above all our other allegiances. God is at work across the whole church, across the denominations; that is exciting and is it profoundly challenging, because when the wind of God’s Spirit blows we are not left the same.

So we have choices to make; choices to make as individuals and as denominations. Will we affirm that we will choose to serve God, and that we will hold to that choice even when that choice means cost; even if that choice means the hard work of prayerful discernment; even when that choice means that some things which we love change; even when that choice means that we ourselves are prompted to change.

In Joshua 24 the people of God are gathered and Joshua asks the people to choose who they are going to serve, will it be the gods of the people in whose land they were living or will they choose to serve God. The people respond ”We will serve the Lord”. Joshua immediately responds and tells them to throw away the false gods which they had been worshipping and to yield their hearts to the Lord.

So this month we have an opportunity to yield our hearts to the Lord; to pray, think and choose.

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