The President Writes on the 'Time in Waiting'

13 December 2018

On this day as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, we’re reminded of the hope and anticipation that His life signified which still ring true today. His birth was looked upon with so much expectation, and His life and the ultimate sacrifice He made give us hope for today.

Let’s not forget that He was born into a world which so desperately needs a Saviour. Let’s come to realise that the moment He took his first breath, was the moment this world changed forever. 

Expectation. It’s a funny word, a word that encompasses a multitude of emotions, including a rush of adrenaline, excitement and hope. Imagine for a second the stable where Mary gave birth, a stable filled with much expectancy, along with hope, light, anticipation, excitement and joy – and what about patience? 

When expectation rises, patience is usually at risk; when there are two opposing forces, we think one will have to give way and the natural response is to let patience slide while expectation builds. When this world changed forever, expectancy filled the space where devastation had been. Did we ever reflect on the patience that was required from that moment on?

What is so beautifully demonstrated through Jesus’s life, is the ‘time in waiting’. 

Consider that Jesus’ ministry took off thirty years after he was born. This ‘time in waiting’ was no doubt a time of preparation for what lay ahead; it was a time of cultivation, learning and equipping. During this wait, Jesus worked diligently as a carpenter, something relatively understated and ‘unseen’. 

So, if you sense this Christmas, that you are in a ‘time in waiting’ for God to do something more in and through you, remember that Jesus himself undertook the ‘wait time’. 
He knew there was more to come, but with patience He could steward His present. Patience allows for the preparation to take place and so if you relate to the ‘time in waiting’, ask yourself, “What preparation is God doing in my life while I wait for what lies ahead?” 

Like Mary in her wonderful Magnificat, as a Connexion, let’s focus on the greatness of God rather than the challenges we face. My hope and prayer are that we would keep our eyes focussed on Jesus; pray for discernment; and begin to see God’s will unfold in our lives, churches and communities.

Let us join with Mary to declare “my soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour”.