Christian Kindness

22 May 2014

I am very grateful to Anita Gracie for this wonderful "wet feet" story:

"I just thought before your presidential year finished I would tell you a "wet feet" story from Dromore. A couple of months ago a wonderful lady from the town died tragically in an accident while on holidays. This lady was a member of St.Coleman's RC church and very involved in the life of the parish and of the town and of many voluntary organisations. While chatting to our friend, the PP who was devastated at her loss, we asked if there was anything we could do to help on the day of what we all knew would be a huge funeral. Two weeks later, Dromore Methodist church hall was the overflow venue (much-needed in the pouring rain) and over 200 people participated in the Funeral service via video link through a cable across the road from St.Coleman's. Since then we have received many expressions of appreciation from members of the Catholic Church as well as other churches in the town for this small gesture of Christian kindness."

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