Aliens living in a strange land....

23 October 2015

At the Irish Inter church meeting- thinking around " the missional challenge in a rights Based society." This evening Sr Joan Roddy spoke about " The Migrant Journey in Ireland" in a most gentle yet profound way. What struck me was

No one puts their child in a boat unless it is safer than the land.

Of the 60 million people displaced in the world.

50% of the population of Lebanon is made up migrants and the British only want to take 5,000 per year and at that only Syrians because they are the educated people who will add to society, sounds like some self interest!!!!

Yet how do we take the fear away from those who want to give Syrians a home, who are going to be in NI by next March - As Baroness Nuala O'Loan said " we must try and see my baby sister not a anonymous displaced person.

We help by listening to those coming to us, standing up to the lies told of the migrant and why they are coming, by showing enough respect, as are we not a people on the move as pilgrims ourselves.

They are aliens living in a strange land,,,

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