April 2016

Last night the work of the North West Mission took on a new logo- designed by a local school boy.

The work with the homeless people of the maiden city is remarkable - so many shelters provide for those in need - pictures of some of the staff Rev Peter and Liam the manager-

Well done to all - a little my drive but very worth it

From New Monasticism Ireland, I offer this prayer for today

Paul Clarke put me through the ringer on churches leaders thinking on disbanding of paramilitaries - he is a real professional

Today Rev JohnParkin travels to Yanoun, in the hill country of the West Bank in Israel. He goes for three months as part of the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel, known as EAPPI.

The programme places accompanists at places where the State of Israel Policies may bring Palestinians and Israelis together in tense, sometimes violent situations.

Celebrating their 21st with Trinity Methodist Lisburn. It is wonderful to see how God has equipped this church to reach out to the surrounding area of north Lisburn.

It was appreciated to be invited back to my Primary School , Euston Street. Strange to walk around the corridors and see the classrooms and feel so big. congratulations on reaching 90 - in common with the Queen.

Head teacher Mrs Currie told me there 24% of the school population does not have English as a first language. It makes you wonder about integrated education when shared education is teaching so much about respecting those who are not like us.

The world has lost a great humour on the death Victoria Wood - far to soon.

This is typical of her humorous observations.

I've never understood the point of ecstasy. I think if I wanted to get dehydrated and jump about with a load of people I've never met before I could go to a Methodist barn dance.

Really very interesting day at Trinity today - Trinity Monday, when new fellows, scholars are announced from the steps by the Prost- then to a inspiring service celebrating those awards, where Lord Alderdice preached, to coffee and chat with said Lord and Trinity Chaplains. visit rounded of with a lovely lunch with lecturers and visiting guests from Oriel college Oxford. Good representative day

Lots of encouragement at Rathgar, the Dublin Korean Church and the Dun Laoghaire/Bray

Good to share with colleagues Vanessa, Andrew, Yom Nam Park, and Alan.

Interesting times ahead

With reps from northern Exe of CSR, met with Liz Griffith and Glenn Jordan from Law Centre (NI) we discussed issues such as migration, access to justice, poverty. How does the church "stay on the scene" on such issues. Thanks to Hazel Baird and David Gallagher ( who took the picture) for your input.