March 2016

Today's photo - celebrate - 250 years of the Methodist Residential home, EASTWELL

American Christian activist Jim Wallis defines hope as “believing in spite of the evidence and watching the evidence change”.

This is from 100days for 100 years by Rev Steve Stockman

Today is ENDURE - Eddie Izzard is running 27 marathons in 27 days -

Lent picture, the nature of Christian POWER.

I grew up in the area where this mornings attack took place. The following statement has been issued

Once again, this action is a reminder that the men of violence are still active in our Society. Knowing that in reality such people do not give any
heed to the condemnation of their actions, I would nevertheless utter condemn this savage action and offer my sympathy to the Prison Officer
his family and all his colleagues.

found is todays Lenten word

Lent picture, the nature of Christian POWER.