March 2016

These are words from Henri Nouwen from "a reflection of the Christian Life".

I offer it because mission i believe is the canvas onto everything the church does should be painted. It is our fundamental, our very reason for being. Nouwen gives expression of a style of mission, this is not a programme but away of being Missional Disciples.

Today starts in London and ends in Youghal/ trains planes and automobiles


Lent daily word - world - todays picture represents one WORLD view - the way of capitalism, not sure it produces contentment. ‪#‎rethinkchurch‬

Since we are surrounded by such a cloud of witnesses Let us lay aside sin and let us run ‪#‎rethinkchurch‬

I am deeply concerned and saddened to hear that FASA has had to suspend its services to the community in helping with substance abuse, mental health and suicide prevention. They provide excellent services.

It does raise the issue of how we as a society provide services for the most vulnerable, whereby groups such as FASA have to rely on short term funding applications to continue their work.

I agree with multi disciplinary approach but the government does need to be major source of funding etc.

Lent word for today - FAITHFUL - we have a faithful God

Today's word is silence / the silence of reading ‪#‎rethink‬ church

A cartoon reflecting something of a message I am trying to get across this year

Very enjoyable morning on the Irvinestown and Pettigoe circuit - two excellent suits of premises which they should be rightly proud of. They are already working out what is to be a good neighbour to the people around them.

Like many, they have challenges ahead, but I sense a willingness to join God in his Kingdom Building in this part of Fermanagh