December 2015

Thrilled to share at a packed Glenburn this morning. All ages sharing together the Christmas story. It really got the true Meaning across.

In the NewYear Olive Hetherington And Rev john Mbayo re going to Togo. If you have an old mobile phone and charger that you are not using, these men could use them to help the people of Togo. Contact Oliver on 07866 545131

It was wonderful to meet some of the Syrians families relocating to NI tonight. Their stories were so moving and it great to observe them laughing and playing games, Lesley lost badly at hungry hippos. just ordinary people wanting to live their lives again- I am very humbled and privileged, I think I saw something of the true meaning of Christmas tonight.

As you enter Ballymena Methodist Church this welcome statement greets you, which is true of them.

Very encouraging to hear the story of a congregation who is committed to Word and Action, so that "others" know the difference this brings to the community.

Then a time with Rev Bertie Armstrong-what an inspiring man of God who served Methodist church in Jamaica and Ireland in some very difficult times.

I have Bill Omsteds permission to share this picture, he actually insisted. He wants the connexion to know he is on the road to recovery. Major heart surgery will take place, subject to infections, in January - but he was in good "cheeky" form, keen to pray and keep all on their toes.

This is Ella Williams celebrating her 100th birthday today (8 December). She is a member of Wesley Centenary, Bangor were she played a significant role in the BB with her husband, in the front row of the choir, as always smiling, a joy to be around. Happy birthday Ella.

This Dr Paul Manook from the Armenian community who arranged for Khachkar ( Cross Stone) to be dedicated yesterday at Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin. It was to remember the 1.5 million Armenians who lost lives in the 1915 Genoicide. I was privileged to represent the Methodist people and unveil the beautiful work of art, designed to acknowledge our two nations. The Khachkar is the universal symbol of remembrance for the Armenian people. blessed