October 2015

Richill Methodist Church

Thrilling morning with Richill Methodist Church. They have an understanding of how a church should be and I do believe their approach would be very useful for our wider church to learn from. Some of these are

Desire to understand scripture in a modern day context

Commitment to be a church at prayer

Commitment to be evangelical in creative and imaginative ways

Desire to make a contribution to the Richill community - to seek build genuine relationships

Autumn Soul 2015

Autumn soul 20'continues in the God tradition of revealing more of the opportunities of following Jesus to Methodist young people and others. And your question for the big ask revealed an astounding level of Spiritual maturity. Loved being with you yesterday, thanks to David and the team, and Wendy we will miss you

At the Irish Inter church meeting- thinking around " the missional challenge in a rights Based society." This evening Sr Joan Roddy spoke about " The Migrant Journey in Ireland" in a most gentle yet profound way. What struck me was

No one puts their child in a boat unless it is safer than the land.

Of the 60 million people displaced in the world.

Congratulation to Timothy Vaughan, Nikki Hanna, Katy Broadhurst, Michael Anderson- 4 young adults shaped by Methodism with a passion for God and young people

Really the president has some difficult tasks --- but this is not one -- SUFUM

President of Irish Methodist Church with Caitlyn and Amy from Seymour Street Methodist

Let me entertain you, Mr President

The Chapel choir of Magee Campus of UUJ sang beautifully last night at the dinner to mark the 150 anniversary - and look who was in the choir - Caitlyn and Amy from Seymour Street - Londonderry Air was hauntingly engaging - truly blessed

Please remember in your prayers the members of the travelling community of Glenamuck Road County Dublin, and across Ireland, after the unspeakable tragedy that took ten lives last night . Please also pray for the 2 adults in hospital. Jesus said blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted

Trinity with Jools and Wesley College with Nigel

Spent an interesting and informative day in the company of two chaplains in Dublin. Whether it is university at Trinity with Jools or Wesley College with Nigel, it was very clear they both have the respect of the students and staff with in the institutions. They both have wonderful people skills, and both are extremely well suited to their appointments. I find the whole chaplaincy, standing alongside people and walking with them a great opportunity

Blessed I am today

Very grateful to the Down District for sharing this article from Fresh Expressions,, While the alarmist language may already turn some off it does say much that I would agree with and it presents the real challenge that many of clergy and lay people must face. A few comments

The Healing committee of our church issued this very helpful leaflet with guidance for those giving pastoral ministry to people with Dementia. It is an excellent resource and worth getting a copy from Rev Colin Duncan