February 2014

Dublin Central Mission

Dublin Central Mission is the congregation where I met Neil, became a full member of the Methodist Church, became a local preacher and heard God's call to ordained ministry. It was wonderful to be back there this morning for their Anniversary service (23 February 2014). It is a fantastic congregation, friendly, vibrant, multi-ethnic, full of God's love.

Opening of Tyrrelstown Methodist CentreThat was an afternoon worth missing the rugby for! (22 February 2014) We were at a fantastic dedication service for the new Methodist Centre in Tyrrelstown.

Ballina Methodist Church

Well that was a good day (21 February 2014). Rev Stephen Taylor and I visited Corrib Gas project this morning in Co Mayo, Ireland's largest building project.

We wanted to call in the aftermath of Lars Wagner's tragic death in September and we were greeted with kindness, a warm welcome and a fascinating introduction into the work going on there.

I posted last week about being with Urban Junction last Wednesday night. It was a great night but since then I have had a challenging conversation echoing in my mind, which I want to share.

Rev Dr Heather Morris at UCDOn 12 February I spent a great day in Dublin. First of all with the chaplains in UCD meeting staff and students. John Henry Newman had a vision of education which impacted the whole person, including spirituality, and the chaplains maintain and develop that tradition.

I am a digital immigrant. I learnt this on a recent, brilliant "Continuing Development in Ministry" Day facilitated by John Alderdice.

Apparently those born after 1980 are digital natives, for having grown up with this technology it is truly intuitive for them. For those born before that we are digital immigrants, for us, this is a new land which we have to learn.