July 2013

I am writing from the heart this morning (Saturday 13th July) because my heart breaks when I see what happened in Belfast last night. First of all I need to say that there were many things about yesterday which are worth celebrating; Londonderry’s March, with the new banner depicting the Peace Bridge, and similar Demonstrations across the country. Those experiences point us to the day I long for, a day when we can celebrate our different heritages, without rancour; a day when to celebrate one heritage does not mean “putting down” the other.

On the Wednesday afternoon of Conference I took some time to pray and prepare for the Installation service that evening. Those of you who were at Conference on Sunday afternoon when thanks were being expressed, will be aware of just how many people worked incredibly hard and prayed in preparation for and during Conference. That afternoon, I had a sense of God speaking peace (I do have a tendency to worry!) and saying “All you have to do is turn up”. It was a reminder that the work is God’s and our task is simply to step into what God is doing. That is still my sense.