A Call To Prayer - #NOWLENT

A Call To Prayer 

As part of the Connexional Call to Prayer, at this significant time, there is a sense that we need to be active in praying for boldness, discernment and renewal as a Connexion. We are invited to be found on our knees and to prayerfully seek after God. 

On Ash Wednesday we gather in our different contexts to pray together.  It might be that you take this focus during your normal prayer meeting, or that you set aside a Bible Study and take time for prayer then or it might be through a separate prayer meeting for this purpose, or indeed, you might want to gather as a Circuit or group of Circuits.

Whatever this looks like for you and your context - we're asking that you take time to listen and pray boldly and courageously. 


For Ash Wednesday prayer meetings resource document click here.

Then on Ash Wednesday and continuing this throughout all of Lent, we invite the whole Connexion to join in praying a Lenten prayer daily at 12. 
Whether that be on your lunch break at work/school, in your kitchen at home, wherever you may be, and whether you are on your own or with others - you are invited to take time, listen and pray

For the Lenten Prayer click here
For Children's Lenten prayer click here.
To accompany this Lent Prayer Focus, we will release a video daily on Facebook and Twitter with some familar methodist faces. Watch out for these as they will be available to download at the MCI Vimeo page. If you wish, we encourage you to use these videos as a resource for reflection in your services/gatherings. 
Watch the #NOWLENT videos as they are released here.