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We have a new name!

MMS(I) is now called World Mission Partnership. Click on 'About Us' in the sidebar to read our vision, mission statement & values.

WMP Church Service material 2018

Click here to download everything you need for your WMP service. 

South Africa Learning Visit July 2018

Irish Methodist World Mission Partnership and IMYC are putting a team together to visit South Africa in 2018 to explore themes of leadership and justice. If you are aged 18-25 and this is something you would be interested in, email Gemma




MWI visit Methodist Women's Assocation, Methodist Church Upper Myanmar (Nov. 2017)

Ex- President of MCUM Rev. James Ngun HleiaI shared these photos of Elizabeth, Maimie and Louise from the MWI during their visit to Tahan, where they have been contibuting to the Methodist Women's Association Conference.  James translated Elizabeth's sermon on Sunday.

Pictured (L-R) Rev. James, Irene from the MCUM MWA, Elizabeth, Louise and Maimie.


Visitors from Latvia (Oct 2017)

A group of Latvian Methodists visited the Portadown District in October, coordinated by Rev Ken. and Mrs Beulah Robinson. 

They also met with the President MCI Rev. Laurence Graham in the World Mission Office, pictured.

Inductions in the Methodist Church, Ghana: Oct 2017

Two friends of the Methodist Church in Ireland have recently taken on new roles in the Methodist Church, Ghana. Rev. Daniel Tannor (pictured with his wife Alice) has been appointed Bishop of Sunyani Diocese and Mr. Bernard Botwe (pictured third from left) has been appointed Lay Leader. 

Daniel studied for 1 year at Edgehill College, whilst Bernard is a close friendof our sister dept. Methodist World Development & Relief.

Please pray for wisdom, energy and guidance for Daniel & Bernard in their new roles. 





World Church Bulletin: December 2017

To download news from our world church partners, compiled by Methodist Church in Britain, for December 2017: click here.
This month features news from Sierra Leone, Pakistan, Argentina, East Africa, and Antigua.

Oct. 2017 Update from the Bible Society NI: Translation in Venezuela 

The translation team has been reconstructed since February and includes three new members in an attempt by the Bible Society to include translators from other parts of the region because of dialectical differences.

During the weekend of September 22-24 a meeting was held with the coordinator of the group, the local Consultant, a facilitator who lives in the region, and two new translators. A new team effort was made to plan out the coming years and a work method. 

The project is taking slightly longer than first predicted because of the local situation. People have had to leave the translation team to find additional income for their families. With the incorporation of new team members it will take time for them to reach the right level of translation work. The three new recruits have been in a learning period where they have not been producing many texts but instead going through the crucial learning process of how to work with the computer programmes and translation systems.

Graduation at Cliff College, May 2017

In May, Cliff College celabrated the graduation of students at Jinja, Uganda and commissioned Lay Pastors.  Rev. Stephen Skuce sent these photos and commented, "It's always great when I can bring the greetings of Irish Methodism when I’m out and about in world Methodism and sharing in the culmination of Cliff support for Methodism in Uganda is one of my highlights for this year.  It's so good that Irish Methodism still has the passion and vision to participate in world mission."



Video from Haiti

Click on the image to watch a short video from Anne McConnell, grand-daughter of Rev Ormonde and Primrose McConnell.

It relates to a project being planned by a church at Thomassin in Haiti. Some years ago, money from a Methodist church in Co. Cork paid for the building foundations. It also details a little of the recent hurricane response of the Methodist Church in Haiti which MMS(I) and individual donations contributed to. 



Rev. Laurence Graham part of Haiti bicentenary celebrations

WMP General Secretary Rev. Laurence Graham visited Haiti in February 2017 where the Methodist Church is celebrating 200 years of life and ministry. 




Global Vision Services 2018

The Global Vision Conference has been discontinued. In February 2018 there will be 4 regional services to hear stories of mission from around the world. More information to follow.

News from our partner the Bible Society Northern Ireland

Translating the Old Testament into Uwottuja

There are approximately 30,000 Uwottüja people living in Venezuela. The New Testament has already been translated, and now the Bible Society in Venezuela, helped by MMS(I) funding is working on the Old Testament.

Update on the work December 2016:

Venezuela is in the middle of an economic crisis and this translation team is feeling the effects of it. There is a food shortage and people are having to wait in line for 6 hours to get what they need from local markets. We have also been told that the Biblicist and one of the translators were diagnosed with Malaria – thankfully they are now recovering. Remember the following staff who are involved with this work: Lauriano, Teolinda, Benjamin, Ramon, Cecilia and Judith.

Despite this difficulty the team continues with the work – 31% of the work has been completed. Recently an event was organised in the city Puerto Ayacucho, gathering 50 pastors and church leaders, to discuss the work on the Uwottuja Bible. Staff continue to meet members of churches in the area to promote this work and are being given the opportunity to share about it on various radio programmes.

* * Please pray for the staff working on this translation; for good health, for medical treatment where needed, for provision of food and that God would continue to sustain and strengthen them in their work. * *