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JMA awards at Whiteabbey Methodist 

The children at the JAFFA group in Whiteabbey Methodist Church were recently presented with their badges. Well done everyone!


JMA Fundraising

Well done & thank you to this brilliant group from Ballynure Methodsit Church. On Saturday 21st April they scaled Slemish and raised £650 for 


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World Church Bulletin 

To download news from our world church partners, compiled by Methodist Church in Britain, for June 2018: click here.This month features news from The Mediterranean, Cameroon, Hong Kong and Germany.

The Bible Society in the Gulf

In February, Tim & Laura met with Catherine Little (General Secretary of the Bible Society NI) & Mr. Hrayr Jebejian (General Secretary of Bible Society in the Gulf). The work in the Gulf covers 7 of the Gulf states: Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen & Qatar. 

Over the next 3 years, WMP will continue to partner with BSNI with one of our focuses being the ministry in the Gulf. 

People come to the Gulf States in search of work. From India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Nepal & Pakistan, people are lured to the Gulf with visions of prosperity. Migrants come with the hope of earning money to support their family back in their home country, but too often find that this is not
a reality.
The Bible Society in the Gulf are working in partnership with churches to reach out to these migrant workers. For many there is a desire already there to discover the truth of God’s Word but they cannot afford to pay for a Bible in their language, and many are illiterate and unable to engage with
the written text. This Storytelling project has been set up to communicate the Bible with people in a way they will understand. Bible Society staff are training church leaders and volunteers in storytelling. 

WMP Church Service material 2018

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News from Bible Society NI (Jan. 2018)

WMP partners with Bible Society NI, currently funding two translation projects. One of which is in Venezuela. We recently recieved news that their main office there was broken in to, and circumstanes are quite difficult. Please pray for Venezuela:
Venezuela is a country in turmoil. Among the political unrest, widespread protests and increasing poverty, the Bible Society team continue to minister. Reports speak of increasing poverty and hospitals seeing increasing cases of malnourishment. Many people are struggling to survive and looting is becoming a common problem.
Our colleagues in the Bible Society in Venezuela have asked for prayer as they are facing some huge challenges. A few weeks ago their offices were broken into. The place was ransacked and computers were stolen. Naturally this has a huge impact on their ministry. The team had been planning a trip to some of the Caribbean islands but the government have currently closed the borders meaning that they cannot travel there.
Please pray for the translation teams who are continuing their work to bring the Bible to people who speak languages that currently have no full translation. Pray for the Currípaco and Uwottuja translators and for safety for the safety for Javier, Marlon and Alfredho - Bible Society team members who will soon be travelling by car into the Amazon region to work with the Currípaco and the Uwottuja translation teams.
Pray especially that the visit to see the Currípacos team is blessed. They just started the Old Testament translation last year and further training is necessary. While there, the team will have the opportunity to speak at the village convention to present the project and meet pastors and key local leaders of this people group.
Let's pray in faith that nothing will hinder the spread of God's Word, not unrest, poverty, closed borders or fear! Pray too that the team will see their offices restored and fully functioning very soon.

MWI visit Methodist Women's Assocation, Methodist Church Upper Myanmar (Nov. 2017)

Ex- President of MCUM Rev. James Ngun HleiaI shared these photos of Elizabeth, Maimie and Louise from the MWI during their visit to Tahan, where they have been contibuting to the Methodist Women's Association Conference.  James translated Elizabeth's sermon on Sunday.

Pictured (L-R) Rev. James, Irene from the MCUM MWA, Elizabeth, Louise and Maimie.


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