Preparing To Preach

Four Tips for Preparing to Preach

1. Start yourself EMPTY

Come to the text with no presuppositions, ulterior motives or agendas.

2. Study yourself FULL

Let the text speak - use a variety of Bible versions before you look at the commentaries. Ask the Who, What, Where, Why and How questions. Let the text speak before you begin to read anything else.

3. Think yourself CLEAR

Once the first draft is complete, try and tell the sermon in one sentence. Ask what's the big idea in this sermon. The Sermon needs to have a clearly defined purpose.

4. Pray yourself HOT

Preaching is not only head to head but also heart to heart. Preaching with conviction, passion and belief is part of the communication process.

Rev Hugh Palmer
All Souls, Langham Place

Download these tips as a PDF.