The Rev. Bill Mullally President of the Methodist Church in Ireland although currently in New Zealand, representing the Church at the Annual Conference of the Methodist Church in New Zealand, has been following the situation at Ardoyne, is delighted to have heard of the peaceful resolution of this situation. The President said:
             "It is with thankfulnes to Almighty God and to those who, regardless of set-backs, have been able to bring about the resolution of a situation
The President of the Methodist Church in Ireland, the Rev. Bill Mullaly, speaking from Myanmar (Burma) where he is currently visiting the Methodist Church
in that country has issued the following statement on hearing of the outcome of the dialogue between the Loyal Order and CARA (Crumlin/Ardoyne Residents Association)
"I welcome this announcement that brings to an end the protracted empass at Ardoyne and which hopefully sees to an end the inter-community stife.

Special day of prayer for our land at St. Anne's Cathedral

Rev. Bill Mullally, President of the Methodist Church in Ireland, today (10th July 2016) took part in the National Day of Commemoration multi-faith service held at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin.  Instead of wearing his military medal, Rev. Bill Mullally wore a safety pin on his preaching scarf as a sign of his – and the Methodist Church in Ireland’s – commitment to being an active part of the campaign to break down barriers of difference, promote tolerance and peace in our communities and, ultimately, combat racism.  
The President of Methodist Church in Ireland endorses the call by the Methodist Church in Britain, for respect and tolerance and to challenge racism and discrimination, in our national life in the wake of the divisive EU Referendum Campaign.
The Four Church Leaders, gathered together in France for the Centenary of the Battle of the Somme, have jointly called for Christians of all traditions in Ireland, to pray for peace in this time of challenge.
"Let us put our faith into action - love our neighbours, reach out to the stranger, care for the vulnerable, build community and be agents of peace forgiveness and reconciliation"
The Rev. Bill Mullally                      President of the Methodist Church in Ireland
The President of the Methodist Church in Ireland, Rev Bill Mullally and the Lay Leader, Dr Fergus O’Ferrall, urge us to pray for all affected by the result of the United Kingdom’s decision to exit from the European Union, and for wisdom, discernment and compassion for those involved in mapping the way forward. 
“The Church has recently had conversations with Rural Support and is impressed by its proactive approach in providing practical support to the farming community. I commend this to colleagues serving rural congregations and see it as a useful tool as they offer pastoral support in that environment”…Rev Brian Anderson, President of the Methodist Church in Ireland
President of the Methodist Church in Ireland, Rev Brian Anderson

President of the Methodist Church in Ireland, Rev Brian Anderson, joined Church leaders yesterday in Belfast as they met members of the Panel on Disbanding Paramilitary Groups. The body was set up under last November’s Fresh Start Agreement, to develop recommendations for a strategy to end paramilitarism and disband paramilitary groups.

In a joint statement after the meeting, the Church leaders said: